Make Money With Domains

Flame Domain provides the most powerful Domaining tool out there, allowing you to cherry pick and find the most valuable domain names that haven't been registered yet.

The Random Tool

The Random Domain Tool creates pronounceable random words that don't include numbers. These types of domains are becoming very valuable and incredibly rare. People sell these short easy to pronounce domains for thousands of dollars and label them as brandable company names.


Brandable Tool

The Brandable Domain Tool is a great way to get a modern domain for your business, or for any business out there. We mix the most popular keywords businesses use in their names like slack, digital, hoot, and we mix them together to create some awesome brandable domain names. These can be great names if you are looking to start a business, or if you are into branding and want to help a company name their new startup

Niche Tool

The Niche Domain Tool allows you to create brandable domains, related to curtain niches like blog names, fashion etc. These are great if you want to start an e-commence site or maybe to find something more specific then using the brandable domain names. We continue to add niches every once in a while and also more keywords to create better niche related domain names. The niche domains are also popularity used to find Instagram and social media names.


Input Tool

Input Domain Tool is a common practice to mix and match alongside either general words, hack domains, and niche specific keywords. Maybe the random mixes of niches and such don't suite your needs and you have an idea of what you want your domain name to have in it. Use the input tool to truly find a domain that fits your exact needs.

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Premium Domains Tool

A lot of people ask about what the Premium Domain Tool does. The domains this tool creates are ones that may have value and may be easy to flip. It's not for naming a company but creates domains related to products and places. Many people have been able to buy these domains for the base price of $10 and sell them for much more on the same day. This isn't for the average domain buyer but rather for those who make a living selling and buying domains. This tool is a great asset if you want to begin a career in domaining.


Hack Tool

These unique domains are becoming very popular due to people now realizing now valuable they can be. Hack domains are domains where the word used has a few letters in place of a TLD. For example is word where the letters .et are added and it created the word wet.

Location Tool

Cities have millions of people living in them, what about countries or states and provinces. We take the top 50-100 places on the planet and mix them with city activities like biking, football, boxing and mix them to generate some valuable location domains. These are a very untapped market and are showing huge potential. These domains can also be very useful if for people who want to start a business in a curtain location, they might pay a premium to buy one of these domains off of you.


Single Word Tool

Single word domains are becoming super valuable as they are normally the first types of domains that are picked up on TLD's. We scan and find tons of single word domains on other extensions and give you a curated lists. We continue to add new lists of single word domains daily as we continue to find great domains you can buy for your new startup or to flip for much more value in the future.

Leet Tool

These types of domains are very odd, but show much value due to the imense number of domains that aren't taken yet. Leet language is used by hackers and other older internet users. It replaces the E with 3, I with 1, and O with 0. Creating words like which is basically with numbers in place of the letters. Many great domains are still available, even 4 letter ones which are becoming extremely rare as we speak.


Number Tool

Number domains are becoming some of the most valuable domains on the market. Due to their rarity they are almost gauranteed a rising value as time goes on because of how few are left. Most common domains to buy are domains with 8's in them or shorter domains which our tool can show you. Snatch up some of these number domains, they are running out quickly!

Name Tool

The .me extension was created so people could purchase personalized domains. Imagine your name was bob, you would buy and place your blog/portfolio/link to social media. Many are being taken and .me domains are being snatched up at a solid pace. We show you 22,000 first name .me domains that are still available. How is this valuable? You can purchase say and sell that domain back to a bob for a few hundred dollars. The name tool is made for quick flips back to people who have popular names.


Save Your Favourite Domains

With Flame Domain you can save your favourite domains, then come back later and purhcase them. This is an awesome feature because you can create huge lists of domains, then cherry pick the most valuable ones to buy.

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